Novell på Engelska

Jag fick en uppgift i engelskan att skriva en novell. Det är ju självklart mycket svårare att skriva en novell på engelska än på svenska! Det finns säkert en hel de gramatikfel i denna, men det är ändå en novell, så jag tänkte dela den med er fast den är på engelska och språket kanske inte helt lysande. Jag är ändå rätt nöjd och framförallt med själva idén ;)


The family´s grill had been broken for almost a year. Alex wife and the children had complained almost as long. For a month now it had been worse and Alex started to spend all his time in the garage trying to fix the grill. This night everybody thought that it should be fixed and that they was going to taste the grilled meat and the salsa sauce, feel the flavor in their mouth.

“Aren`t you done yet.” Julia stood in the doorway and shouted at Alex how sat on a chair in the garage with the grill in front of he, as usually. There was exactly now love or happiness in Julia`s voice when she talked to Alex, as usually. Alex could hear two children voices screaming inside, an argument. Julia went inside without an answer. Alex sighed and returned to his toiling with the grill. Everything was exactly as it used to be.

Alex took up a wrench from his toolbox and worked with the nuts. When they sat enough, he started with a new project.

Alex climbed his way over old tires and overturned shelves, which nobody had managed their self to take back to their original place. Alex was also forced to climb a huge pile build of newspaper to manage his way to the old stroller that stood in the corner of the small garage. He bent down over the stroller to reach the wheels and started to separate them from the wagon with the wrench he had brought with he.


“Alex, do you now where Mary´s bike is. We can´t find it.”

“Ahm, I don´t now…or maybe I saw it somewhere. But I can´t remember.”

“Typically you, you are totally useless. You now that.” Julia walked away, with Mary behind her, crying.


Julia and Alex were both forty years old and had lived together since they were sixteen. They had grown up together and when they became a couple, everybody sighed and sad “I haw knewn that all the time. That it should be them.” It was what everybody always had expected and that was the way it became. Alex and Julia had been in loved… sometime, somehow. That what´s they say to themselves, in any case.  Now they have a marriage that they tried to fix with two late children…and a dog, it didn´t work.  So now they live in a big house, with a dog, two teenager children and two children at the age of five and nine.


“Dad, have you fixed the grill. Shall we barbecue tonight. Are we going to invite any guest, grandpa and grandma, can I invite some friend, Dad, Dad.”?

Alex sighed once again this afternoon and looked at his son.

“Sure, you can invite anyone you want.”

Harry ran away, happy.


Alex went to the bicycle that stood in a corner in the garage and looked at it. Where the handlebars used to sit there was now a big… nothing.

“I must do this.” Alex murmured to himself and went back to the grill.


He took up a lighter out his pocket and directed it at an opening at the grill front. The grill started to sound like a dishwasher and steam rise from the tube on the grill. Alex laughed and started to hum to himself. He put out the flame with water from a bucket that he had kept next to the grill.


“Alex everybody is here now, I hope you finish!”

“Yes, I´m coming.”


He dropped into the handlebars and the wheel. The handlebars under the grid and the wheel in a slot. Then he carried the grill to the garden. He looked into the porch, were everybody sat, chattering. There were his parents, Julia´s parents, the neighbors and some friends to the children. His family had obviously decided to have a real barbeque night. But Alex thought that, that was just going to make this whole thing so much more fun.

He heard his mum´s voice at the porch.


“Start sometime then, or I growing old. You have always been slow, I think I dropped you sometime when you was a baby… I must have…


Alex didn´t here the rest before he pushed a bottom and the wheels and handlebars at his grill once again became visible. He also dropped out a chair from one of the grill´s sides. Instead of light on the carbon he directed the lighter to the opening in the grill. Alex sat down on the chair and put his feet up on two tubes he had taken from Mary´s bicycle. Then the grill started to make awful noises and Alex was halfway out of the garden. Steam rise from the little chimney and the grill kept rolling through the fence and over the playing ground.


The friends and family on the porch just gasped and starred. The last thing they saw were Alex, sitting on a grill with stem rising from a little chimney that disappeared behind the horizon and they heard a voice, sounded just like the horn on little Mary´s bicycle.



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